Rental Criteria

Standard Requirements

  • All applicants must have a positive identification. Such as a drivers license, or state issued identification card.
  • A completed and accurate application for rental, which must include Social Security Number, current employment and rental history including addresses and phone numbers.
  • Incorrect, incomplete or false information given on the application will be grounds for denial.
  • Each individual applying for housing will be screened separately.
  • All applicants must be prepared to enter into a binding contractual agreement.
  • All applicants must meet the criteria code.Application fee must be paid.
  • All applicants or applicant representatives must view the dwelling prior to entering into a binding agreement.
  • If approved, applicants have 48 hours to pay their security deposit and sign their agreement or Premier holds the right to move onto the next applicant in line.

Standards of Occupancy

  • Occupancy is limited on the number of bedrooms in a unit. ( A bedroom is defined as a space which is used for sleeping and has one window and a closet).
  • Only two persons are allowed per bedroom.

Rental History

  • Each applicant will need to have at least 2 years of verifiable rental history with a non-family member.
  • If an applicant has no rental history due to home ownership, the ownership will need to be verified stating all payments have been made on time or the loan has been paid in full.
  • All Previous landlord information will need to be verifiable.
  • If an applicant is lacking in rental or mortgage history they may be able to qualify with a Statement of Guarantor. This is on a property by property basis, if the property accepts a Guarantor, the Guarantor will be required to make at least 5 times the rent and meet the credit criteria. Guarantor must supply a Social Security Number and a completed Statement of Guarantor.
  • If rental history reflects past due rents or outstanding balances, this may be ground for denial.
  • If rental history reflects recorded or non recorded EVICTIONS will be grounds for denial.

Income Requirements

  • Proof of income will be required with each completed application. The total gross income should equal or exceed 3 times the rent. If income is lacking, and additional security deposit of Statement or Guarantor may be accepted on a property to property basis.
  • Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to current employment, investment accounts, social security, bank account, alimony/child support, trust accounts, welfare, grants/student loans, housing assistance, or unemployment.
  • Self Employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through 3 months current bank statements and last years tax return.

Credit Requirement

  • A Good credit standing will be required.
  • Credit reports are used by the Lessor to verify the accuracy of the Information provided by the applicants.
  • An applicant should not have negative information reported on his/her credit report. (Definition of negative meaning delinquent accounts, late pays, charge offs, bankruptcy, collections, judgments or liens, etc.

Criminal History

  • Upon receipt of the rental application and screening fee the Landlord may on a property by property basis, conduct a public records search to determine whether the applicant or proposed applicant has a criminal history, criminal charges pending and/or has been convicted of any crime.
  • Applicants who have criminal charges pending or who have been convicted with the last 10 years of the date of the application for a felony or misdemeanor involving but not limited to drugs, fraud, weapons, theft, sex crimes, crimes involving children, physical or verbal assaults may be grounds for denial.
  • Any applicant for tenancy who may constitute a threat to the health, safety or peaceful enjoyment of the premises to other tenants, landlord the public or someone employed by the landlord may on be on a case by case basis, depending on the number, nature, date and severity of the crime(s) of the mitigating information since that date of last conviction may be denied housing.

Statement of Guarantor

The Guarantor must qualify by making 5 times and have a good credit standing. A Social Security Number must be provided in order to obtain credit history.

Criteria Codes

Definition of Criteria Codes: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,O will define a “property by property basis” stating whether or not a property of interest will accept certain allowances. Each category listed on the criteria will require each applicant to qualify under certain criteria codes. The codes are listed on each property description available for rent.

Criteria Requirements for Income

  • A) property will accept Statement of Guarantor
  • B) property will accept Statement of Guarantor for students of higher education
  • C) property will not accept Statement of Guarantor
  • D) property will accept additional security deposit
  • E) property will not accept additional security deposit

Criteria Requirements for Rental History

  • F) property will accept Statement of Guarantor
  • G) property will accept Statement of Guarantor for students of higher education
  • H) property will not accept Statement of Guarantor

Criminal History

  • I) property will conduct public records search to establish whether the applicant or proposed tenant has been convicted of any crimes.

Policy for Denied Applicants

Reasons for denial: Evictions, negative credit rating, negative tenant references, lack of income, lack of or non verifiable information, incomplete or false information on rental application, inaccurate information on rental application, observed inappropriate behavior, criminal record.

If an applicant is declined on the basis of credit history you will be supplied with an address and phone number of reporting credit agency used to obtain your credit history.

Observed Inappropriate behavior may be defined as menacing behavior or threatening in temperament, harassment of any kind.